Buy With Confidence Using PayPal

RingsNJewelry uses PayPal to process all of its transactions. We know you have many options to choose from when making purchases on the internet and we wanted you to feel secure that you have some protections when using PayPal. PayPal has a variety of buyer protections in place to protect you when you make a purchase. Unlike some other sites that use their own credit card processors we pay the extra amount to use a trusted name in the industry.

Unlike using Ebay or Amazon by having our own website we can save on transaction fees and pass those savings on to our customers. When using Ebay or Amazon sellers are charged fees for each platform then additional fees by PayPal. We choose to put those savings back in your pocket by using PayPal only and saving money with lower prices.

Buy with confidence at RingsNJewelry by using PayPal to service your transactions.

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