Buyers will have 14 days from the time they receive their item to request a return. Contact us a to request a return for your order.
Because RingsNJewelry ships internationally the return address will be different based on your location. Addresses located in side the United States will return Items to our USA address while addresses outside of the united states will return item to manufacturer. International customers will need to contact us for return address.
All returns items will require a tracking number. Once tracking information is provided a refund will be provided.
Any item returned to sender will need verification that item was received by manufacturer before return can be processed. This is not advised because items can be lost or misplaced by manufacturer or shipping company. Mailing items with tracking number is a secure way to ensure your refund is processed in a timely manner. RingsNJewelry is not responsible for any items lost when returning and will not process any refund without tracking number or verification buy manufacturer.
We do not do exchanges. Buyer will need to make a new purchase directly from website.
Please allow 3-5 business days each for the return request and also for the refund request.